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Mediation and arbitration

Today's Environment

Organizations and their employees  are increasingly coming to the understanding that collaborative approaches - internally and externally - best meet their needs.  Collaborative approaches to business typically lack the clean functional lines that we've been used to in the past.  Activity tends to be chaotic and accelerated, frequently giving rise to changes in specifications or expectations, misunderstandings, and conflict.  In this light, conflict can be seen as a key controller of the collaborative organization.

Conflict, when well managed, is a dynamic catalyst for positive change.  When mismanaged, it produces hostility, stress, and other costs to the organization.  Those costs include not just direct financial costs, but also lost opportunities, damaged or destroyed relationships, low satisfaction, and high probability that the conflict will recur

In any conflict situation, there will always be a path that will lead to a successful conclusion.  Effective conflict management leads parties to identify and take that path, one step at a time.  

This approach has proven effective for business-to-business interactions, for labor relations, and for divorce situations.


Hill & Associates focuses on helping to manage conflicts constructively,  through the use of appropriate conflict management processes.  Experience has shown that this approach will significantly reduce the costs of conflict management.  At the same time, processes which emphasize negotiation, consensus building, and collaboration tend to increase the effectiveness of all involved.   Services provided by Hill & Associates through its partners and a network of associates include:

Associates have extensive experience in contract negotiation and mediation. Richard Hill, principal, is a certified commercial and divorce mediator, accredited to the Geneva courts.  He has acted as the labor dispute mediator for the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).  He is a domain name arbitrator for both the National Arbitration Forum and the World Intellectual Property Organization. 

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